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The Problems of Consciousness and Free Will

“The Problems of Consciousness and Free Will” is a special issue of magazine “Moscow University Bulletin”. It is devoted to the results of the two events arranged by our Center – the Greenland conference and the summer school “Free will and Moral Responsibility”.

Май 2016
Paul Churchland on Secrets of Colour vision

Colour vision is the most known part of conscious experience and the most confusing. Maybe disclosure of its secrets could solve the problem of consciousness.

Фев' 2016
A way forward to solve the hard problem of consciousness

In continuation of the published article about consciousness in the Guardian, there has been published a response of Philip Goff, a member of our Greenland conference “A way forward to solve the hard problem of consciousness”

Янв' 2015
Why can’t the world’s greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness?

We are glad to announce that the Guardian has published an article on consciousness “Why can’t the world’s greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness?” It is mostly devoted to David Chalmers and the Hard problem of consciousness but also it is mentioned our conference in Greenland.

Янв' 2015
Moscow Center for consciousness studies is preparing a collection of articles on consciousness and free will!

The Moscow Center of Consciousness Studies is now preparing a collection of essays devoted to the problems of consciousness, free will, and moral responsibility.

Сен' 2014
The sessions of the Greenland conference: David Chalmers and Jesse Prinz

Сен' 2014

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