Summer Schools

Summer Schools of MCCS is a format of intensive lectures and seminars with the participation of the most distinguished world experts in the fields of problems of consciousness, free will, and moral responsibility, personal identity. For the first time, the summer school was held in 2014 under the leadership of Professor John Fisher and was devoted to the problems of free will and moral responsibility. Another school "Free Will and Consciousness" was held in 2016 under the leadership of Professor Derk Perebum in Riga. The last summer school "Personal Identity" was held in 2018 under the leadership of professor Richard Swinburne in Malta.

26.06. - 30.06 2018 Malta, "Personal Identity" summer school

Летняя философская школа Московского центра исследования сознания завершила свою работу на Мальте 
Российские и зарубежные философы поспорят на Мальте о личности, душе и боге 
Президент Мальты пригласила философов из России на дискуссию во дворец

11.07. - 26.07. 2016 Riga, summer schools "Consciousness and Free Will" 

В лабиринтах летней школы "Свобода воли и сознание"
Философы собрались на Домской площади
Философ с Домской Площади

11.08. - 25.08. Russia, summer school "Free Will and Moral Responsibility"

 YouTube Playlist devoted to the school