The Metaphysics of Uploading: World-renowned Philosophers Debate the Future of the Human Mind

4 September, 2023

TAtchers' Art Management on the MCCS summer school "Metaphysics of Uploading".

At the end of July, a summer school of the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies was held in Sicily. Under the guidance of invited guests, Professor Pietro Perconti of the University of Messina and Professor Eric Olson of the University of Sheffield, a discussion unfolded around the potential of artificial computing systems to have consciousness, thinking and personality. Professor Eric Olson defended the metaphysical point of view, arguing that people, in fact, are human animals — material beings that cannot be downloaded to a computer. Professor Pietro Perconti, on the contrary, believed that we have reasonable grounds for technological optimism. An important question for the discussion was: if it turns out to be possible for artificial computing systems to have consciousness and thinking, how will this affect our understanding of existence? And do we really have grounds for technological optimism?

See photos of the school and learn more about how it was held and what was discussed at it on the TAtchers' Art Management website.