The state is like a robber's den, humanity without freedom. Saint Augustine

3 September, 2023

Augustine's philosophy may seem exclusively theological, but on the shoulders of this theology grows a modern understanding of free will, the state as a secular institution, the historical process, and even the equality of men and women.

Dmitry Bugai, Professor, Doctor of Philology, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University
Alexandra Ilyina, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University

Moderator — Anton Kuznetsov, Ph.D., research associate at the Center for Consciousness Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University


00:00 - Introduction
03:17 - What is the importance of St. Augustine and who are the fathers of the church?
07:19 - The most important topics in Augustine's philosophy
11:05 - How Augustine solves the problem of free will
16:17 - Pelagian heresy and original sin
18:47 - Man as a toy of divine grace, the darkness of freedom
22:18 - Philanthropy and denial of free will
28:34 - The argument that everyone is sinful from birth. The sin of audacity 
35:10 - Justification of evil and non-existence
40:18 - Why does God not cope with nothing?
41:22 - The city of Earth and the city of God and a new wave of persecution of Christians
44:56 - Augustine reformatted views on history
48:01 - The state is a robber's den. Breeding of the political and sacred
51:37 - False ideas about the personality of Augustine. Misogyny
56:30 - Why was a woman created?
59:18 - The question of image and likeness in relation to a woman
01:02:23 - Summary

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