The problem of the relationship between the physical (brain) and the mental (psyche) | PostPsychology

17 May, 2024

Episode of a podcast with Anton Kuznetsov.


00:00 - introduction to the problem
13:59 Benjamin Libet experiment
16:09 prediction by physiology and prediction by mental states
19:20 what the Libet style experiments actually show 
21:00 on proximal and distal desires
28:48 explanatory independence of psychology and neuroscience
30:30 the problem of conceptualizing mental states 
37:51 a real neuroscientist must be a reductionist squared 
40:20 about the impossibility of Libet's experiment without taking into account mental states
43:41 on the theory of mind and the importance of the mentalization process 
45:57 Does consciousness exist and does it affect the brain? is it right to separate "me" and "my brain"
1:01:51 independence of explanatory paradigms of psychology and neuroscience
1:04:26 the search for causality as a basis for the prism of different sciences