The debate about social progress

16 December, 2023

Philosophers have long been disillusioned with the idea of progress. Societies are not developing anywhere. But our guest does not agree with this

Guest: Momjian Karen Khachikovich, PhD, Professor, Head of the Department of Social Philosophy and Philosophy of History of the Moscow State University
Moderator: Anton Kuznetsov — Ph.D., research associate at the Center for Consciousness Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University


00:00 - Introduction
01:54 - The guest's position. The significance of the idea of progress
06:53 - Progress and the "gas chamber of hope"
08:54 - Optimism and pessimism 
12:40 - Methodological criticism of progress. The idea of progress is unscientific
19:51 - Judgments of value and judgments of significance
25:02 - A positive picture of social progress
30:15 - Three forms of progress 
32:35 - Dontsova and Dostoevsky, as well as Shakespeare and others
38:00 - Counterarguments. Lada and BMW
45:24 - Methodological collectivism and individualism
50:53 - Why "better" or "worse"?
52:21 - Mary's resume

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