Metaphysics of uploading

30 November, 2023

Is it better to scan and upload a personality or make an artificial brain? What will ensure the survival of the individual and what are our obligations towards artificial personalities? There are many questions, but maybe there are answers.

Artem Besedin — Associate Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University, research associate in Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies.
Evgeny Loginov — PhD, Associate Professor, Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, MCCS employee, Editor-in-chief of the Date Compote journal.

Moderator: Anton Kuznetsov — Ph.D., research associate at the Center for Consciousness Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University


00:00 - Introduction
01:50 - Why do philosophers not believe in uploading?
07:43 - Duplication objection: copy and original
09:46 - Summary 
11:17 - What if we are digital personalities
14:52 - Once again about the problem of doubling personalities
16:50 - Not uploading, but gradual replacement of the brain
19:55 - Only organisms and particles exist
24:06 - Another summary
25:50 - The importance of unity of consciousness and new personalities
32:00 - Is a robot an animal?
35:11 - And once again a summary
36:00 - Moral obligations towards digital personalities
42:20 - Tsar-question: What about robots?
50:00 - Announcement
51:15 - Summary

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