Consciousness of artificial intelligence. Is it possible?

21 February, 2023

In the program of Sofiko Shevardnadze Anton Kuznetsov discussed what is the fundamental difference in human and computer thinking.

What criteria of consciousness are distinguished by modern philosophers? How do physical brain processes cause subjective experiences? Is there a chance that artificial intelligence will ever have consciousness? Can a computer think like a human? How to understand the Turing test correctly? What is the magic of human intuition? And also the moderator conducted a blitz survey on the philosophical dictionary.


00:00 Teaser 
01:56 Philosopher Anton Kuznetsov on the concept of consciousness 
05:05 Criteria for the presence of consciousness 
09:29 The difficult problem of consciousness 
14:27 Is the computer metaphor of consciousness still relevant?
16:20 Consciousness is not a computational process?
19:55 Turing Test 
21:10 Chinese Room 
25:13 Can a neural network have consciousness?
32:00 Intelligence research
36:20 What is causal thinking?
42:22 Embodied artificial intelligence 
44:54 Agency 
48:40 How to use an affordance?
51:25 The uniqueness of serendipity
54:43 Intuition as a magical thought
56:57 Emotional intelligence 
01:00:50 Can machines have a consciousness other than human?
01:02:42 Does humanity need to help neural networks gain consciousness?