"Collectors", new season. #2. Interview with Dmitry Volkov

9 January, 2022

Dmitry Volkov, the co-director of the Center, had a birthday this week. And on behalf of our small team, we would like to congratulate Dmitry!
On this occasion, we publish an interview with him on the RBC channel, where he talks about the Center and about many other interesting aspects of his activities, primarily related to contemporary art.

From the interview you will learn about one of the most unique projects of the Center - a collection of first editions of philosophical treatises. Despite the fact that the world of bibliophiles is huge, there are simply no analogues of such a collection anywhere. The collection already has editions of Descartes, Bacon, Locke, Hume, Kant, Darwin, Wittgenstein and others. 

Together with the SDV Arts&Science Foundation and MOM, we are preparing an unusual exhibition where the exhibition of books will be combined with the exhibition of art artifacts. The exhibition will be held in the fall, stay tuned!