Artificial intelligence. What's going on?

6 July, 2024

The era of large language models has arrived in artificial intelligence. Over the past two years, they have multiplied and significantly “wiser”. In a conversation with Alexandra Tanyushina, we try to figure out what is happening with artificial intelligence now,  while, of course, philosophizing.

Guest – Alexandra Tanyushina, PhD, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University, School of Philosophy and Cultural Studies, Higher School of Economics
Moderator – Anton Kuznetsov, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy at Moscow State University, Research Associate of Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies


00:00 - Introduction
01:40 - The end of the “winter” of artificial intelligence
06:10 - Evolution of GPT models
08:35 - Generative AI and Learning
10:42 - The main big language models now
15:10 - How do these models compare
16:00 - Does AI do only what is “embedded" in it? Censoring models
17:50 - Engineering vs scientific approach
19:50 - The question of interpretability, what happens inside AI
21:44 - The problem of reconciliation (alignment)
23:14 - Goodhart's Law and the problem of evaluating the effectiveness of AI
25:28 - Existential risks 
28:28 - Are these stochastic parrots? The problem of understanding
30:28 - Chinese Room for LLM
32:32 - A model of the world 
34:11 - Superintelligence, strong AI, Humanoid AI, Narrow AI, AGI
36:50 - AGI and its “sparks". Multimodality and robots
43:40 - The virtual embodiment of AI
45:45 - Why Chinese Room style arguments don't apply to LLM
51:20 - The problem of the existence of AI in the real world and time
55:26 - Data is the new gold 
59:48 - The era of generative content
01:08:11 - How to navigate what is happening in the field of AI

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