Artificial intelligence | Anton Kuznetsov | Seva Lovkachev, Evgeny Tsurkan | Philosophy Podcast

6 July, 2024

In the new episode of the Philosophy Podcast, Seva Lovkachev and Evgeny Tsurkan talked with philosopher Anton Kuznetsov about artificial intelligence.


00:00 How Anton inspired Seva
06:44 Where are the dragons???
07:30 Foray into AI
09:20 History of the study of artificial intelligence 
14:44 Artificial intelligence as a field of research 
17:57 What Seva feels about artificial intelligence 
19:50 Clarifying the concept of artificial intelligence 
22:24 What is strong artificial intelligence?
26:17 Universal AI is not required to have consciousness 
30:56 The neural network has been tested for a robot
35:55 The lie of artificial intelligence 
41:16 Randomness in AI learning
42:40 Chomsky about artificial intelligence 
56:58 Discrimination of everything that is different from people
01:00:51 Consciousness and intelligence 
01:03:07 Modern panpsychism
01:08:50 Anton tells the base
01:13:45 Behavioral understanding of consciousness
01:20:44 Computational functionalism 
01:22:48 The principle of multiple realizability 
01:26:26 Does artificial intelligence know how to set goals for itself
01:31:30 Alignment problem 
01:33:40 Power and intelligence 
01:35:55 The instinct of self-preservation of AI
01:46:36 Artificial intelligence as a horror story
01:49:23 Restrictions on the development of AI are a greater danger than AI itself
01:52:30 Why Nvidia shares soared 
01:54:10 The danger of the role of the state in artificial intelligence 
01:57:57 Anton about the experience of living in Silicon Valley
02:00:22 Messianic statements increase investments 
02:01:33 Plausible outcomes of AI development
02:08:11 When Seva calmed down about AI
02:09:01 The creativity of artificial intelligence 
02:11:48 We need plausible reasons to be afraid of AI
02:18:05 We will pass the singularity 
02:20:58 It is possible to turn off the neural network
02:22:50 AI serves the good
02:28:28 Humans' relationship with time
02:35:01 Unexpected discoveries in AI
02:37:13 Neural network interpretation
02:40:01 Brains in a vat
02:43:23 Thank you all