Wittgenstein. The End of philosophy

5 January, 2022

Why is Ludwig Wittgenstein considered a cult figure in 20th century philosophy?

This is a philosopher who solved all philosophical problems by declaring them meaningless. How did he do it and what does the First World War have to do with it?

Guest - philosopher Yulia Chugainova
Presenter - Anton Kuznetsov


00:00 - Introduction
01:10 - Why is Wittgenstein so important? What did he do?
05:28 - Wittgenstein is now a set of magic formulas
07:12 - We think facts
08:34 - Everything is located in a logical space
10:25 - It is necessary to identify the true logical form
11:34 - What does the meaninglessness of philosophical problems mean
13:03 - Wittgenstein's participation in the First World War
17:05 - Constant thoughts about suicide and the tragic fate of the Wittgenstein brothers
19:25 - The influence of Brusilov's breakthrough on Wittgenstein
21:41 - Competition!
22:16 - The influence of Nietzsche and Tolstoy
23:02 - How could a logical and philosophical treatise become a dissertation?
27:23 - Maybe the modern format suppresses philosophical geniuses?
28:52 - Clarity of the Logical and philosophical treatise
30:03 - Introduction of Russell and Wittgenstein
31:34 - Summary from Mary and the announcement of the second part

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