Why were philosophers allocated 742 thousand for the study of evil?

28 January, 2022

Philosophers investigate evil for 742 thousand rubles. This news spread around many major media outlets at the end of last year. We are trying to understand the situation.

You will find out what the money is really going for, what this news has to do with the persecution of the Institute of Philosophy and, most importantly, why it is important to investigate evil and what significance such projects have.

Moderator - Anton Kuznetsov
Guests - philosophers Alexey Gaginsky and Evgeny Loginov


00:00 - Introduction
01:37 - The Institute of Philosophy paid nothing to anyone. We explain how the grant money is received and how it is spent.
06:03 - News in the media and the campaign against the Institute of Philosophy
11:40 - Is it possible to investigate evil? The problem of evil and coherence of Christian doctrine
12:25 - Why are philosophers doing this, and not theologians
15:08 - Studying the problem of evil, theodicy is not related to personal beliefs. An atheist can also investigate this.
17:37 - Why do this. God and the Elves
28:15 - No experiment is possible here, and hence a clear discussion?
31:58 - Where are the results? Leibniz's solution 
36:44 - What is the significance for society, what is the benefit
43:03 - Once again about why the question of faith and unbelief does not play a role here
45:46 - Summary from Mary

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