Vasilyev V.V. - Is there a crisis in the modern philosophy of mind?

21 June, 2023

V.V. Vasilyev took part in the 21st meeting of the Laboratory of Consciousness Studies.

The philosophy of mind is the area of modern analytical philosophy into which its best intellectual forces have been thrown over the past decades. Nevertheless, a number of influential philosophers assessed its current situation as a crisis. In my report, I will show that in many ways this is true. The main forks in the discussion of the problem of consciousness seem to lead to dead ends. At the same time, it will be shown that this crisis can be viewed optimistically. The very existence of theoretical problems presupposes the possibility of their clear formulation. Not all areas of modern philosophy can boast of such clarity and concreteness. And the unresolved nature of these problems may encourage philosophers, despite all the difficulties, to strive to solve them, or at least to find a way to it.