The Invention of Consciousness. A lecture of Nicholas Humphrey in Moscow

15 June, 2018

On November 24th, Nicholas Humphrey will deliver a lecture on “The Invention of Consciousness”. Humphrey is the author of an original solution to the consciousness problem and a discoverer of the blindsight phenomenon, professor at the London School of Economics.

Here you can read about the discovery of blindsight phenomenon

Humphrey’s Abstract of the lecture: The Invention of Consciousness

In English we use the word “invention” in two ways: First, to mean a new device or process developed by experimentation, and designed to fulfill a practical goal. Second, to mean a mental fabrication, especially a falsehood, developed by art, and designed  to please or persuade. In this talk I’ll argue that human consciousness is an invention in both respects. First, it is a cognitive faculty, evolved by natural selection, designed to help us make sense of ourselves and our surroundings. But then, second, it is a fantasy, conjured up by the brain, that motivates us to live more fulfilling lives.

The lecture will be held on November 24th 5 p.m. at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University.  If you’re not from MSU, please send a letter to foreign@philos.msu.ru with your full name and your position or status, by 12 a.m. of November 20th.

Please note! Don’t forget your passport; you will need it to enter the building.

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