Podcast about philosophy | Responsibility | Evgeny Loginov | Seva Lovkachev, Evgeny Tsurkan

22 October, 2023

Seva Lovkachev and Evgeny Tsurkan talked with Evgeny Loginov about responsibility


00:00 Issue topic responsibility 
04:03 What is responsibility
05:52 A story about a church-going colleague
07:03 How Seva watched a cartoon about the king
07:58 Who is strong is responsible 
09:08 There was a story among the ancient Sumerians
11:13 Who can be responsible 
14:26 Is there a statute of limitations on liability
16:45 What is basic responsibility 
18:26 Is it necessary to punish criminals 
21:38 A person must be informed in order to be responsible
24:15 A story about a dispatcher's mistake and two planes (Sarik Andreasyan even made a film about it) 
25:59 Seva got confused about responsibility 
27:59 A story about a disgusting scandal in France
30:33 The fourth criterion of responsibility 
33:33 Why Evgeny was interested in the issue of responsibility
39:59 Objectives of the study of responsibility 
45:50 New level on busti
46:09 Who is a moral agent
50:46 Advice for those who want to break their brains
51:58 Discussion about the table
55:21 Theory about the stone
58:15 Is it possible to impute responsibility to the team 
59:25 Are people responsible for the activities of the political body
01:04:25 How do the concepts of responsibility and guilt relate
01:09:17 Psychopaths and guilt
01:13:05 Artificial intelligence and responsibility 
01:14:12 How Seva watched the interview of psychopaths 
01:16:26 Moral responsibility and emotions
01:19:50 A flower of emotions from psychologist Seva
01:23:38 What to do when you realize that a person is responsible, but you have no emotions
01:30:11 What to do if a Jewish boy reads a history textbook and gets offended
01:32:35 Physics of society behavior
01:35:12 How we judge corporations
01:36:55 Eichmann's Case
01:39:12 Kant's categorical imperative
01:42:50 Social causes of guilt
01:47:14 There are cases when we have to hurt a person
01:50:12 Should there be an absolute 
01:51:25 How ideas about responsibility have changed
02:01:04 Thank you all!