Podcast about philosophy | Free Will | Artem Besedin, Seva Lovkachev, Evgeny Tsurkan

2 May, 2023

Evgeny Tsurkan and Seva Lovkachev talked with Artem Besedin about freedom of will.


00:00 Hello everyone!
01:17 Episode's topic
02:01 Seva on Freud's experience
03:21 Is everything deterministic? 
04:01 Borges' story "The Garden of Diverging Paths"
06:14 Seva on the right words
07:08 And you, Brutus?
09:45 The problem of free will
13:31 What kind of freedom are we talking about?
15:48 Critics of freedom of choice
18:41 Determinism in the classical sense
20:40 Laplace determinism 
23:31 What's wrong with determinism 
25:36 What do we mean by alternative possibilities 
28:51 Do we need freedom of desires
30:34 Hobbes' Will
31:58 Seva talks about his attempts not to drink
32:55 Examples from Harry Frankfurt
40:31 Frankfurt's theory of moral responsibility 
43:22 Seva on Luz SK's monologue in SNL
44:01 Weak point of the Frankfurt theory 
47:12 Incorrect evaluation of an alternative choice
51:02 Artem talks about the article by Anton Kuznetsov 
52:50 Are we all being manipulated?
54:45 How does the existence of God affect freedom of choice
55:47 Influence of manipulation on determinism 
01:02:04 Seva on guilt
01:02:51 Vasiliev's Counterexperiment 
01:07:02 On manipulating agents 
01:09:02 Libet's arguments 
01:11:22 Is it possible to predict solutions a few seconds ahead?
01:12:28 Our communication with people assumes predictability 
01:14:11 How is "freedom" understood in compatibilism 
01:17:11 Freedom of choice by John Fisher
01:18:14 Example of compatibilist freedom of choice
01:20:21 Capricious agent 
01:22:46 Is a person free if he could not do otherwise?
01:25:11 Is the villain responsible if the world is deterministic?
01:26:08 What is meant by "free will" in modern discussions
01:28:11 Why do people delegate responsibility to others 
01:31:11 Why doesn't Seva go to "Vkusno y Tochka"
01:32:14 If people could be easily influenced, would it be banned by law?
01:34:20 Influence of stereotypes when hiring
01:36:15 Are there any installations in the world that do not allow us to do otherwise
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