Kuznetsov. How does the brain work and can it be hacked? How to become smart and decisive?

2 May, 2023

Anton Kuznetsov talks with Dr. Alexander Dzidzaria about the peculiarities of the functioning of the human brain, artificial intelligence, the influence of various substances on the brain, the relationship of the brain and intelligence, as well as about the existence of the meaning of life.


00:00 Kuznetsov Anton Viktorovich
01:03 How do coffee, sugar, energy affect the brain?
05:38 Is it true that nerve cells do not recover?
08:57 Techniques for brain neuroplasticity.
09:46 Why do children learn faster?
10:36 Is it possible to live without a part of the brain?
11:51 Differences between male and female brains.
13:52 The effect of alcohol on the brain.
15:22 Is it possible to have a hangover?
16:48 Female and male alcohol addiction.
17:39 What is sleep?
21:23 What is sleep paralysis?
23:13 Is it possible to wake up sleepwalkers?
28:16 Is there freedom of choice?
31:05 Interesting experiments on the brain.
35:57 Is a clone an exact copy or is there an individuality?
39:08 Heredity of genes. 
42:43 Is it possible to control the brain?
43:54 When will chips be introduced into our brain?
47:07 Is it really possible to introduce information into the brain?
49:45 What is artificial intelligence?
55:17 Is AI dangerous?
58:23 Is it possible to beat a computer at chess?
01:02:34 How does the brain fight bad habits?
01:07:34 What is the inner voice?
01:10:12 How to be smart and decisive?
01:13:27 What is hypnosis?
01:15:12 Does 25 frame work? 
01:17:00 Orientation is a given?
01:24:03 How does meditation affect the brain?
01:25:18 Does the radiation from gadgets affect the brain?
01:27:06 How do psychedelic substances affect the brain?
01:32:45 How much percent of the brain do we use?
01:34:43 Is IQ a real intelligence meter?
01:35:34 Why does brain size not affect intelligence?
01:38:56 Is Alzheimer's a verdict?
01:41:22 How to understand when to go to check the brain?
01:43:15 The brain does not feel pain. Why does my head hurt then?
01:44:42 "The Joker's Laugh"
01:46:19 What is a "split brain"?
01:51:06 What do people feel after death?
01:54:46 Is it possible to restore the brain to a young state?
01:55:29 How to train the brain?
01:57:11 Are there supplements for the brain?
01:58:12 Is there a meaning to life?
01:59:36 A wish for the audience from Anton