John Rawls' Theory of Justice

22 October, 2023

Modern liberalism is often characterized as leftist. There is a progressive tax, positive discrimination, and much more. This left-wing reversal of liberalism is directly related to the theory of justice of John Rawls, one of the most quoted philosophers of our time.

Guest — philosopher Vadim Chaly, Professor, PhD, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University
Moderator — Anton Kuznetsov, Ph.D., research associate at the Center for Consciousness Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University


00:00 - Introduction
01:51 - Classical and non-classical liberalism
04:59 - Rolls as a left liberal
06:30 - Two principles of justice: freedom and equality. Permissible inequality
10:58 - Why is justice incompatible with utilitarianism
14:18 - Priority of the right over the useful
16:10 - The Veil of ignorance
21:19 - Who is behind this vulva: a white man or something completely indefinite
23:14 - Criticism of Libertarians: where is the property?
27:29 - The problem of merit in the distribution of benefits. The argument from parasitism
30:14 - Fundamental and irremediable inequality
32:32 - Rationality can be different and offer different strategies
35:10 - The Origins of Rawls' Theory of Justice
39:02 - Security and the problem of evil as the starting point of the Rawls project
41:02 - A little bit about the biography of Rawls
44:42 - The issue of communication of societies
46:23 - Maybe we shouldn't look for universal justice?
49:20 - Summary from Mary

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