What is free will, how does consciousness work and do machines have it?

9 January, 2022

On April 15 at 12:30, connect to the live broadcast of the "Non-Artificial Intelligence" podcast dedicated to consciousness and free will! Participants: philosopher Anton Kuznetsov and entrepreneur Sergey Sukhov.

Recently, Clubhouse hosted a discussion between two IT businessmen and visionaries David Yan and Dmitry Volkov on the topic “Mind, thinking and free will". As a physicist, David tried to find the physical meaning of the concept of free will and its place in the physical world. As a philosopher, Dmitry argued that the concept of free will does not belong to the concepts of physical science. There were so many questions from the audience that we decided to continue this discussion and answer many of them in the live podcast "Non-artificial Intelligence". Connect and ask your questions! We intend to devote a lot of time to your questions and comments.

Sergey Sukhov, entrepreneur, author of 3 best-selling books, creator of the Telegram channel StoicStrategy, and Anton Kuznetsov, philosopher, researcher at the Center for Consciousness Studies at Moscow State University, participate in the continuation of the discussion.

The broadcast will be carried out on Facebook and YouTube.

The link to the broadcast will appear on these resources an hour before the start.