"Uncovering the Magic of Consciousness" Conference

6 July, 2024

On June 27-29, our staff took part in the conference of the International Center for Consciousness Studies, held in Siena.

Various reports and discussions took place within the framework of the conference. Artem Besedin participated in the discussion of a chapter from Francois Camerer's unpublished book "The Science of Sirens: What Implications does Illusionism have for the Science of Consciousness?" Another discussion took place between Nicholas Humphrey and Dmitry Volkov within the section dedicated to the memory of Daniel Dennett.

Among the participants of the conference were Daniel Stoljar, Pietro Perconti, Keith Frankish (online) and other researchers, whose speeches alternated with reports from our colleagues. Andrey Mertsalov spoke on the topic "Personal Identity and Moral Responsibility", Artem Besedin made a presentation on "Illusionism as an Epistemology of Consciousness", Evgeny Loginov talked about The Moorean Argument and Illusionism, and Anton Kuznetsov spoke on the topic "Consciousness is Dead. Long Live Consciousness!"

Traditionally, the impressions about the conference and presentations can be read in the Telegram channels of Anton Kuznetsov, Artem Besedin and Evgeny Loginov.