Snakes and critical animal studies

17 February, 2023

About snakes, the war with them, about critical studies of animals and how to return the lost subjectivity to the world around.

Guest - Artemiy Rustyamovich Kurbanov, PhD, Associate Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University
Moderator — Anton Kuznetsov, Ph.D., research associate at the Center for Consciousness Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University


00:00 - Introduction
01:25 - Critical and non-critical animal studies
10:13 - Why snakes?
14:55 - War of Extermination
21:38 - From enemies to the subject of exploitation. Serpentaries
29:07 - What has changed about snakes since the 80s?
34:08 - Animal traffic and marketization
37:43 - Why return subjectivity to animals?
42:34 - The problem of implementation in practice and extinction
51:11 - Summary from Mary

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