Is there any common sense? Longread

20 March, 2024

Vadim Valeryevich Vasilyev and Anton Kuznetsov talk about the philosophy of common sense.

How is it that we are moving away from common sense, and why does it need protection? Common sense can be compared to a more or less reliable path, moving along which a person does not observe the most beautiful views and does not find the greatest treasures, because they are all somewhere aside. Common sense is something that is more or less reliable. But since there are a lot more interesting things around, it's not very interesting. Everyone wants to find something completely exceptional, and people step aside.

Philosophers are often accused of departing from common sense, although it seems to be the opposite: the philosophical profession seeks to restore common sense to its rightful place. Vadim Valeryevich Vasiliev and Anton Kuznetsov discuss the philosophy of common sense.