In defense of classical compatibilism. V.Vasilyev

15 June, 2018

Vasilyev V.
First pub. in: Вопросы философии. 2016. №2. С. 64-76.

This paper is devoted to free will problem. Author holds that free will is compatible with determinism. He suggests a new solution to the problem, wich name is “ultracompatibilism”.

This paper deals with classical compatibilism – traditional approach to the free will problem, according to which, free will is compatible with determinism. The free will itself is interpreted by classical compatibilists as possibility to do otherwise in case agents choose otherwise. Recent discussions were not favorable to classical compatibilism, and a few powerful arguments against it were suggested. Close inspection shows, however, that such arguments can be neutralized. As a result, some intuitions concerning free will and moral responsibility are clarified.

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