Gryaznov Readings-2021

5 January, 2022

Center for Consciousness Studies together with the Department of the History of Foreign Philosophy of the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University organizes the Gryaznov Readings - a conference dedicated to the memory of Professor A.F. Gryaznov. The topic of the conference: analytical philosophy.

The conference will be held on December 15, at 17:00.
The broadcast of the event will be available on the YouTube channel of the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies.

Conference program:

Welcome speech - V.V. Vasiliev.
Besedin A.P. The condition of consciousness for moral responsibility
Demin T.S. Knowledge-what, knowledge-how and functionalism
Kostikova A.A. French theory and analytical philosophy
Kuznetsov A.V. The illusion of illusionism
Loginov E.V. Consistency, intuition and Stroson
Mertsalov A.V. Agency and identity of personality in the light of moral responsibility
Mironov D.G. On the nature of facts.
Faul B.V. Limits of argumentation
Frolov K.G. Can beliefs motivate?
Chugainova Yu.I. Gryaznov as a Wittgenstein researcher
Ponomarev A.I. On the epistemological status of dependent perceptual experiences