David Hume. The most optimistic skeptic

21 October, 2022

An outstanding skeptic — under this guise, the great philosopher David Hume is known in our field, a life lover in colorful clothes, who shifted our view on the ideas of causality, the laws of nature, the Self, free will, religion and the foundations of morality. Under the mask of a skeptic, one can actually find a very positive and sober-minded philosopher who awakened Kant from a "dogmatic dream".

Guest — philosopher Vadim Valeryevich Vasilyev, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, PhD. Co-director of the Center for Consciousness Studies and Head of the Department of History of Foreign Philosophy of the Moscow State University
Moderator — Anton Kuznetsov, Ph.D., research associate at the Center for Consciousness Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University


00:00 - Introduction
01:26 - Hume and the problem of his recognition
03:52 - Hume's Breakthroughs
04:33 - The influence of Humean philosophy on the 20th century
07:23 - Hume and his time. One of the most influential people in the world
12:40 - Portrait of Hume, his personal qualities
17:17 - Opening of the "Arena of Thought"
21:05 - Destruction of manuscripts
24:08 - Hume's skepticism. The problem of the Self and the weakness of the mind
29:23 - Shaky foundations of causality. The existence of reasons and laws cannot be justified "head-on"
32:59 - Rethinking questions about causality and the existence of the external world. Hume as a positive philosopher
35:33 - Competition!
37:29 - Defense of free will by Hume. Classic compatibilism
41:40 - The main achievements of the Humean philosophy. Causality, induction, alternative justification of morality
45:40 - In what order to read the works of Hume?
48:06 - Summary from Mary

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