David Hume and the Riddles of His Philosophy — The best philosophical book

20 March, 2024

Eurasian Congress of Philosophy awarded the winners of the Prize of Philosophy - 2024. Among them, Vadim Vasilyev won in the nomination "The Best Philosophical Book" with his work on the work of David Hume.

The Eurasian Congress of Philosophy was held on February 16 and 17, 2024, its final event was the ceremony of awarding the laureates of the Philosophical Prize.

Our colleagues were among the winners:

In the nomination "The Best Russian Philosophical Book", Vadim Vasiliev's work "David Hume and the Riddles of His Philosophy" became the winner.
The award "For the best educational and methodical work" went to the textbooks "History of Philosophy. From the philosophy of the Ancient East to the philosophy of the XXI century" (edited by V.V. Vasilyev, A.A. Krotov, D.V. Bugai) and "Introduction to the History of Culture" (edited by A.A. Krotov).
Alexey Pavlovich Kozyrev received recognition "For projects in the field of philosophy."
Russian Russian Philosophy Maslin Mikhail Alexandrovich and his Encyclopedia "Russian Philosophy" were awarded in the nomination "For the work on the history of Russian Philosophy".
The "Special Prize of Memory" was awarded to Dagmar Mironova for the book by V.V. Mironov "Metaphysics does not die".