Dancing Qualia. Music about Consciousness

16 September, 2019

We've made music on consciousness "Dancing Qualia". It is a collaboration among the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies, the Institute for the Perspective Brain Studies of MSU and 'D-Pulse' band from St.Petersburg.

About a year ago, a random series of events brought together a band from the St. Petersburg D-pulse with the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies and the Institute for Perspective Studies of the Brain of Moscow State University. We were discussing problems of consciousness for hours together, shared experience and knowledge. And as a result, there has been released a music album on consciousness (links below). Every track of that album is dedicated to one or another important problem of consciousness and brain studies. Probably, understanding the problem of consciousness is one of the main difficulties in our work. It seems to us that musical expression allows us to say something about consciousness that we cannot express by words, allows to pick out the very phenomenon of consciousness. The title 'Dancing Qualia' goes back to David Chalmers' thought experiment in 'The Conscious Mind'. The presentation of the album took place this Saturday in Skolkovo, and it was incredible! We will tell about it a little later because it is impossible without pictures and videos! Thank you very much for all the project participants!

"Consciousness is a dance of mysterious qualia, we know everything about them, but we can’t explain them. Qualia weave a canvas of subjective reality. Consciousness crumbles without them. In the darkness of a huge Universe, combinations of qualia create worlds of conscious minds. They are colours, sounds, pain, euphoria, the experienced aspect of physical processes. They are an integral part of the history of the Universe, which is right in front of us, and about which we still know little. "

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