Narrative Approach as the Solution to the Personal Identity Problem

15 June, 2018

Volkov D.
First pub. in: Вестник СПбГУ. 2016. Т. 17. № 4. С. 21-32.

According to the majority of contemporary philosophers, the psychological approach is the most promising solution to the problem of personal identity. However it fails to explain the special concern of a person about her future and the grounds for moral responsibility. These difficulties can be solved by the narrative approach. This comprises some of the aspects of the psychological approach but has significant advantages. According to the narrative approach, a person exists extended in time and the relationship between the temporary parts and the whole create the grounds for moral responsibility and special concern. The unity of a person is preserved as a unity of narrative. The author of this paper analyzes the criticisms of the narrative approach and suggests that it is far from being conclusive.

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