Is the "matrix" real?

5 January, 2022

Can we distinguish reality from simulation? Why does virtual reality can be as valid as the ordinary reality? Philosopher Anton Kuznetsov, at the request of PostNauka, analyzes the tetralogy of the Wachowski sisters "Matrix".

"In the Matrix franchise, we do not deal with distortions of consciousness: consciousness is what it is. For consciousness there is no difference between appearance and reality. For example, if I see the Flying Dutchman, it is real to me. Consciousness is a reliable reality that we cannot give up. The world of consciousness, regardless of whether the so-called reality is correctly displayed in it or not, is real in itself.

Perception errors are dealt with by a separate area of philosophical knowledge - the theory of cognition, epistemology. It studies how we establish the truth of a fact, how we decide what is real and what is not. But the questions of existence are inseparably linked with the questions of cognition. Do we exist in the "real world" or in a simulation? is the whole world a manifestation of my consciousness or someone else's? What allows me to say that the world beyond my consciousness continues to exist when I turn away from it? These are questions not only about what is real and what is not, but also what we can reliably know about reality."

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