The Dalai Lama called for the development of awareness and the cessation of wars
Aug ‘17

The Dalai Lama XIV met for the first time with leading Russian neuroscientists and urged them, through science and education, to convey to the general public the idea of developing awareness, compassion, love, renouncing violence and dividing the world into “one’s own” and “others.” Read more

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What issues were discussed by the Dalai-lama and the Russian Scientists?

Inna German from “Theory&Practice” wrote a big article on the dialogue between the Dalai-lama and the Rusian scientists. Read more

Sep ‘17
What the Dalai-lama told to the Russian Scientists

Dmitry Volkov talks to “Secret” magazine about the meeting of Russian scientists with the Dalai Lama and about how philosophy can help modern science

Sep ‘17
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The Roundtable Discussion “Buddhism and Science”

The Roundtable Discussion “Buddhism and Science” was devoted to the results of the meeting of theRussian scientists and philosophers with the Dalai-lama and buddist monks. Below you’ll see the video.

Nov ‘17
Roundtable discussion “Buddhism and Science”

The issue is dedicated to the problem of The Problem of God’s Existence. FK No. 12 is an amazing labyrinth of arguments and their refutations. After passing through it, the reader will learn all that is necessary for an independent answer to the question of whether there is anything other in philosophical theology than sophistry and errores.

Oct ‘17
Roundtable discussion “Buddhism and Science”

October 31, 2017 at 14:00 in the Institute of Philosophy will be a round table on the results of the meeting “Dialogues on the nature of consciousness” between Russian scientists, the Dalai Lama and Buddhist scholars and monks in New Delhi, August 5-8, 2017.

Oct ‘17
Presentation “Neuroscience and the Problem of Free Will”

Uploading slides of the lecture “Neuroscience and the Problem of Free Will” which was held October 7th by Anton Kuznetsov at the Festival of Science

Oct ‘17
Neuroscience and the Problem of Free Will

October 7th there will be held a lecture “Neuroscience and the Problem of Free will” by Anton Kuznetsov in MSU. Free admission! For details look below.

Oct ‘17
Cognitive Science and Buddhism

August 7 to 8, Delhi hosted the first ever dialogue of the Russian scientists with His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, “The Nature of Consciousness”. This event was organized by the Center for Tibetan Culture and Information, and the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies was co-organizer, on behalf of whom Dmitry Volkov and Anton Kuznetsov took part in this event. Below we offer a story by Anton Kuznetsov about this event.

Oct ‘17
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