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Submitting applications to the Summer School “Personal Identity” is Opened!

The Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies (MCCS) is hosting a summer school on June 23d – July 1st, 2018, which will be devoted to the problem of Personal Identity. This year summer school will be led by philosopher Prof. Richard Swinburne of the University of Oxford.

Apr ‘18
“Free will and consciousness”. Summer school in Riga

June 11-24 we held a summer school “Free will and consciousness” in Riga. Here you’ll find a report about this event written by Anton Kuznetsov

Jul ‘16
The presentations of summer school “Free will and moral responsibility”.
Nov ‘14
Discussion on book “Free Will, Agency, and Meaning in Life”.
Oct ‘14
The conception of free will of John Fischer.

Fischer agrees with Strawson that we don’t know whether determinism (the thesis that every event is inevitable and wholly determined by previous events) is true or not, because it is not obvious what exactly the thesis means. But he argues even if determinism is true, nevertheless we are still responsible for our actions.

Oct ‘14
Moscow Center for consciousness studies is preparing a collection of articles on consciousness and free will!

The Moscow Center of Consciousness Studies is now preparing a collection of essays devoted to the problems of consciousness, free will, and moral responsibility.

Sep ‘14
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