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Where do the pokemons come from?

In the interview to the Snob co-director of our Center Dmitry Volkov talks about Pokemon in our heads, personal identity, augmented reality and the amazing work of the brain. Read more

Jul ‘16
Free will is under of a threat. The Conversation with Dmitry Volkov

There is absolutely absurd misconception that, they say, the philosophers are boring, self-absorbed people. But it’s nonsense. They have so sophisticated brain that allows them to make amazing things. Read more

Jul ‘16
Zombies vs Windmills. Where is hiding the soul and mind of a man?

Consciousness, as well as the existence of the soul, is one of the mysteries, the full understanding of what modern science does not have. Therefore, many people suggest to consider this phenomenon through subjective experience.

Jun ‘16
Philosopher David Chalmers: “Perhaps there is a consciousness of the smartphone”

Modern instruments can determine what happens in the brain when we are dreaming, fantasizing, or thinking. But they do not explain how the individual bursts of activity are woven into a holistic sense of “The Self”.

Jun ‘16
The Problems of Consciousness and Free Will

“The Problems of Consciousness and Free Will” is a special issue of magazine “Moscow University Bulletin”. It is devoted to the results of the two events arranged by our Center – the Greenland conference and the summer school “Free will and Moral Responsibility”.

May ‘16
Dmitry Volkov: “Philosophy makes the world cozier”

Interview with co-director of MCCS Dmitry Volkov to GQ magazine about philosophy, business and the arts.

Apr ‘16