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Failure of the Manipulation Arguments and Disappearing Agent to the Problem of Free Will and Moral Responsibility

In the journal “Voprosy Filosofii” was published a collective article. In that article people from our Center and the St. Petersburg State University summarize the discussions on the problems of consciousness, free will and moral responsibility that took place a year ago within the International Summer School “Free Will and Consciousness” organized by the Center.

Aug ‘17
Congratulations to Dmitry Volkov with the defense of doctoral thesis!

We are happy to congrats Dmitry Volkov with the defense of doctoral thesis “The problem of free will and moral responsibility in the analytic philosophy of the late XX – early XXI centuries”

Jun ‘17
Are We Ready to the Science of Consciousness?

A report about a conference “Science of Consciousness” held in Sand Diego.

Jun ‘17
The Argument of Luck vs the Consequence Argument. Sekatskaya M.

These arguments pursue opposite goals. The argument of luck tends to show that if determinism is true, then our actions are the result of luck, contingency, and, therefore, free will simply dissolves into contingency and, therefore, disappears. The consequence argument claims that if indeterminism is true, then the facts of the past, along with the laws of nature, determine the future. But since we do not determine the facts of the past and the laws of nature, therefore, we do not determine our future, and therefore we do not have the free will. In her report, Maria Secatskaya tries to find a way out of this situation.

Apr ‘17
Mental Causation and Free Will. Volkov D.

The problem of how consciousness can affect behavior, physical processes is closely related to the problem of free will. This connection is recognized by many philosophers. In his report, Dmitry Volkov, co-director of our Center, tried to present his point of view on this issue.

Apr ‘17
In the Labyrinth of Free Will. Conference at the Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University

The leading experts on the problem of free will from the Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, the Higher School of Economics and, of course, the staff of our Center participated in this conference. We attach some pics and titles of reports. Video is coming soon!

Apr ‘17