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The Cellars of Kantian metaphysics
Oct ‘98
Fiction, semantics of

First pub. in: Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Vol. 3. 1998. pp. 659–663.

Sep ‘98
Kant’s Transcendental Deduction: An Analysis of Main Themes in His Critical Philosophy

Publisher: Kluwer Dordrecht, 1992.

Oct ‘92
Apperception and the 1787 Transcendental Deduction

First pub. in: Synthese. 1981. Vol. 47, Issue 3, Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 385–448.

Jun ‘81
Kant’s First-Critique Theory of the Transcendental Object

First pub. in: Dialectica. 1981. Vol. 35. №1–2. PP. 85–125.

Mar ‘81
Fictional Objects: How they are and how they aren’t

First pub. in: Poetics, 1979, Vol. 8, pp. 129–177

Aug ‘79