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Free Will: New Twists in the Old Discussion
Feb ‘17
From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds. The new book of Daniel Dennett

In this book Daniel Dennett suggests his most comprehensive exploration of evolutionary thinking yet, he builds on ideas from computer science and biology to show how a comprehending mind could in fact have arisen from a mindless process of natural selection. Part philosophical whodunit, part bold scientific conjecture, this landmark work enlarges themes that have sustained Dennett’s legendary career at the forefront of philosophical thought.

Feb ‘17
Consciousness and the Universe. Interview with David Chalmers (Russian version)

In this a Russian version of interview, where Chalmers answer our tricky questions about how he came to philosophy, what is his current views on the nature of consciousness, whether zombies can be morally responsible, how the Universe is arranged, what would it mean – the creation of artificial intelligence, and what is the purpose of philosophy.

Feb ‘17
Collection of First Editions of Philosophical Books
Feb ‘17
Wittgenstein in Moscow: Day by Day

On January 24, within “Days of Wittgenstein in the Institute of Philosophy” co-director of our Center professor Vadim Vasilyev gave a talk on the secrets of the visit of Ludwig Wittgenstein to Moscow. The beginning 01:22:35

Jan ‘17
Sweet Dreams. Philosophical Obstacles to a Science of Consciousness

In our series of books “Philosophy of Mind” has been released a Russian translation of a book “Sweet dreams” written by Daniel Dennett.

Jan ‘17