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Teachings of the Dalai Lama in Riga

The Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies co-organized a conference between Russian scientists and the Dalai Lama. Our friends from the Center for Tibetan Culture and Information report that the teachings of the Dalai Lama XIV will be held in Riga from September 23 to 25, they are open to all – both for Buddhists and for people who are interested in the philosophy of Buddhism. More information you can find here

Sep ‘17
Dalai Lama and Russian scientists join forces in search of happiness for all

The Dalai Lama and the neuroscientists from Russia agreed on a joint study of consciousness and the influence of meditation on it, as well as on the cooperation of Buddhist and Russian researchers in neurobiology, cognitive psychology and a number of scientific fields – for the pursuit of peace and happiness for all. Full version

Aug ‘17
Conference “Nature of Consciousness”. Presentation of D.Volkov “Self as Useful Illusion”

The presentation of the co-director of our Center, D.Volkov “Self as a useful illusion” took place within the dialogue between the Russian scientists and the Dalai Lama. Below you can see its text, slides, and video.

Aug ‘17
“Nature of Consciousness”. Dialogue of Dalai-lama with Russian scientists

The conference with the Dalai Lama in Delhi organized with the support of our Center ended, and the Russian delegation of scientists and philosophers today returned to Moscow.

Aug ‘17
“Nature of Consciousness”. Dialogue of Dalai-lama with Russian sciDialogue of Dalai-lama with Russian scientists has started has started

A group of Russian scientists, at the invitation of the Dalai Lama, arrived in Delhi to participate in the dialogue “Nature of Consciousness”. And on the first day, much has been discussed!

Aug ‘17
Failure of the Manipulation Arguments and Disappearing Agent to the Problem of Free Will and Moral Responsibility

In the journal “Voprosy Filosofii” was published a collective article. In that article people from our Center and the St. Petersburg State University summarize the discussions on the problems of consciousness, free will and moral responsibility that took place a year ago within the International Summer School “Free Will and Consciousness” organized by the Center.

Aug ‘17