Dmitry   Volkov

Executive MBA Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. A expert on the problems of consciousness, personal identity, free will and moral responsibility.
  1. The Philosophy of D. Dennett. Lecture 4

    Mar ‘17
  2. The Philosophy of D. Dennett. Lecture 3

    Mar ‘17
  3. The Philosophy of D. Dennett. Lecture 2

    Mar ‘17
  4. The Philosophy of D. Dennett. Lecture 1

    Mar ‘17
  5. Free Will: New Twists in the Old Discussion

    Feb ‘17
  6. J. Kim’s exclusion argument and the problem of mental causation

    Dec ‘16
  7. Review of D. Pereboom’s Book “Free Will, Agency, and Meaning in Life” (2014) by Dmitry Volkov

    Dec ‘16
  8. The problem of mental causation: review of the newest researches

    Oct ‘16
  9. The “Consciousness Thesis” and Moral Responsibility in Neil Levy’s Research

    Oct ‘16
  10. The problem of free will: an overview of major studies by analytical philosophers in late 20th – early 21st century

    Sep ‘16
  11. Narrative Approach as the Solution to the Personal Identity Problem

    Jun ‘16
  12. On organization of the conference in Greenland “The problems of consciousness and free will”

    Dec ‘15
  13. Are psychopaths morally responsible persons?

    Oct ‘15
  14. Physicalism or even more than that. What proves the exclusion argument of J. Kim?

    Oct ‘15
  15. Does Argument from Causal Trajectories undermine the local supervenience of mental on physical?

    Oct ‘15
  16. Аргумент внутреннего времени

    Apr ‘15
  17. Свобода воли в либертарианстве Р. Кейна

    Mar ‘15
  18. Could consciousness be mistaken? The second show on onlinetv

    Feb ‘15
  19. What do the manipulations with the Manipulation Argument show?

    Jan ‘15
  20. Boston’s zombie: D. Dennett and his theory of consciousness

    Jun ‘11
  21. Теория сознания Д. Деннета (диссертация на соискание учёной степени кандидата философских наук)

    Oct ‘08
  22. Споры о сознании и аналитическая философия (Обзор конференции «Философия сознания: история и современность», ноябрь 2006 г.)

    May ‘07
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