Consciousness encourages us to believe that we are unique
Jan ‘16

Consciousness is an illusion. It’s a position of psychologist Nicholas Humphrey. But we understand each other, create masterpieces of art and complex scientific theories in virtue of that illusion.

In November 2015 there was a lecture “the Invention of Consciousness” held by prominent psychologist Nicholas Humphrey. Before it He had given an interview to a journal “Psychologies”.
Consciousness encourages us to believe that we are unique

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“The Hard problem”. A play on consciousness by Tom Stoppard

Did you know that on January 28 there was a premiere of a play dedicated to the Hard problem of consciousness? And it is not in the back of the theater life, but in the heart of England, in London, at the National Theatre and the author has long been famous playwright Tom Stoppard.

Jan ‘15
A way forward to solve the hard problem of consciousness

In continuation of the published article about consciousness in the Guardian, there has been published a response of Philip Goff, a member of our Greenland conference “A way forward to solve the hard problem of consciousness”

Jan ‘15
Chinese room. Philosophy of mind from A to Z

Chinese Room is the most famous and discussed thought experiment devoted to the possibility of artificial intelligence. Dmitry Volkov and Maria Falikman discussed that thought experiment within a mutual project with Postnauka “Philosophy of mind from A to Z”.

Dec ‘15
Mary the super-scientist. Philosophy of mind from A to Z

If we knew everything about how the brain works, would we knew everything about consciousness? Dmitry Ivanov and Alexander Kaplan discussed the issue within a mutual project with Postnauka “Philosophy of mind from A to Z”.

Dec ‘15
New and popular
Is it worth returning the soul to philosophy?
Jul ‘18
Philosophers are discussing the Person, Soul, and God in Malta

Philosophers and theologians from Russia, Great Britain, the United States and other countries open a philosophy school in Malta to answer questions about how a person remains the same in his or her life, whether reincarnation, the preservation of the person after death, its existence in a mechanical body and what role in this play soul and God.

Jul ‘18
The President of Malta invited Russian Philosophers to the palace

The President of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca invited the professors and participants of the international summer school “Personal Identity” of the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies to her official residence in the San Anton Palace, to hold a discussion on the personal identity problem./lang_en]

Jul ‘18
World of Mind and Mind of the World

Read a big material about the second dialogue of leading Russian scientists and philosophers with the Dalai Lama and Buddhist monks “Discovering the World”. This dialogue was held with the support of our Center in May 2018.

Jul ‘18
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Translations of the Selected Entries

We’ve finished our big project of translation selected entries from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. It’s done by the support of the John Templeton Foundation.

Jun ‘18
Mind, Brain and Free Will. Research Seminar of the Center for Consciousness Studies

The seminar has been devoted to the book of the distinguished Oxford philosopher Richard Swinburne “Mind, Brain and Free Will”. Swinburn takes an unpopular position for nowdays, defending the substance dualism and proving the existence not only of the soul, but of God. His ideas do not find wide support among the staff of the Center, nevertheless, we consider it important to discuss those views that do not evoke agreement. This is one of the most important foundations of scientific dialogue.

May ‘18
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