Vasilyev V. V. “The Hard Problem of Consciousness”
Jan ‘10

Vasilyev’s book is devoted to the discussion of the hard problem of consciousness – the question of why the function of the human brain is accompanied by the subjective experience. The author considers the origins of this problem first formulated in a clear way by the Australian philosopher D. Chalmers in the late 20th century. V. Vasilyev analyzes how the “hard problem” relates to the mind-body problem and the problem of mental causation. Analyzing the works of J. Searle, D. Dennett, D. Chalmers, and many other analytic philosophers, he critically assesses the various approaches to the enigma of consciousness. The final part of the book presents the author’s own vision of the “hard problem” which allows, from his point of view, to avoid conceptual impasses and pay tribute to the intuitions of common sense.

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6 Books on Philosophy of Mind in Russian

Most of the books on philosophy of mind have been published in English. But there is a small number of them in Russian. These 6 books will help people who read in Russian to learn basic things about philsophy of mind.

Mar ‘16
How to solve the mind-body problem? Lecture of John Searle

We are glad to present the lecture “How to solve the mind-body problem?” read by John Searle at the Philosophy department of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2011 during his visit to Moscow organized by our Center.

Jan ‘15
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Free will is under of a threat. The Conversation with Dmitry Volkov

There is absolutely absurd misconception that, they say, the philosophers are boring, self-absorbed people. But it’s nonsense. They have so sophisticated brain that allows them to make amazing things. Read more

Jul ‘16
“The Hard Problem of Consciousness: 300 yean”. The Lecture of David Chalmers in Moscow

In this lecture David Chalmers considers a progress in solving the mind-body problem, outlines contemporary theories of consciousness and their advantages and disadvantages. He claims that the core problem of these theories is the Hard problem of consciousness – why the processes in the brain are accompanied by conscious experience? Maybe if we take consciousness as something fundamental, we can solve that problem. And Chalmers lays out several prospects how to do it.

Jul ‘16
Consciousness and the Universe. Interview with David Chalmers

In this interview, Chalmers answer our tricky questions about how he came to philosophy, what is his current views on the nature of consciousness, whether zombies can be morally responsible, how the Universe is arranged, what would it mean – the creation of artificial intelligence, and what is the purpose of philosophy.

Jun ‘16
Zombies vs Windmills. Where is hiding the soul and mind of a man?

Consciousness, as well as the existence of the soul, is one of the mysteries, the full understanding of what modern science does not have. Therefore, many people suggest to consider this phenomenon through subjective experience.

Jun ‘16
Philosopher David Chalmers: “Perhaps there is a consciousness of the smartphone”

Modern instruments can determine what happens in the brain when we are dreaming, fantasizing, or thinking. But they do not explain how the individual bursts of activity are woven into a holistic sense of “The Self”.

Jun ‘16
The lecture of David Chalmers was held at MSU June 14th

June 14 David Chalmers delivered a lecture “The Hard Problem of Consciousness: 300 years on”. It gathered almost 600 people! Below you’ll find some photos of that event

Jun ‘16
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