Interview with Timothy Williamson
Oct ‘10

The Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies arranged an interview with Timothy Williamson on October, 4 2010. The interview was conducted by Vadim Vasilyev and Dmitry Volkov.

More on this topic
Consciousness and the Universe. Interview with David Chalmers

In this interview, Chalmers answer our tricky questions about how he came to philosophy, what is his current views on the nature of consciousness, whether zombies can be morally responsible, how the Universe is arranged, what would it mean – the creation of artificial intelligence, and what is the purpose of philosophy.

Jun ‘16
Free Will is Impossible. Interview with Derk

Derk Pereboom claims that free will is impossible because of its incompatibility with both determinism and indeterminism. Also he defends a robust nonreductive physicalism. It says that although consciousness can’t be reduced to physical it’s not something over and above physical.

Feb ‘16
New and popular
Free will exists! The new issue of “Logos” magazine

October 20th there held a presentation of the new issue of “Logos” magazine devoted to the problem of free will. It contains articles of leading Russian philosophers in the field and also the first translations of classic articles on the problem of free will.

Oct ‘16
Derk Pereboom: “We will achieve more if we stop punishing offenders”

A person should be responsible for their actions. However, Derk Pereboom, a professor at Cornell University, believes that there is no responsibility, because there is no free will. Read more

Oct ‘16
Is Quantum Physics Necessary for Account for Consciousness?

Watch the video of lecture on quantum origins of consciousness of Stuart Humeroff! It’s a fascinating lecture about 20 years of work together with sir Roger Penrose.

Oct ‘16
October 10. The lecture on quantum consciousness of Stuart Humeroff

In Monday of October 10 many people found a power to attend the lecture after their work. Who are they? Look on the pics below!

Oct ‘16
The Zombie Argument and the mind-body problem. October 8th Public Lecture on Festival of Science at MSU

This lecture will focus on the special creatures – philosophical zombies that unlike their Hollywood colleagues are not different from us nothing but a complete lack of consciousness. The possibility of such creatures is perhaps the main obstacle in the way of explanation of consciousness. The details in the news

Oct ‘16
Do we need quantum physics to reach an account of consciousness? The Lecture of Stuart Hameroff in Moscow![/lang_en

Together with Roger Penrouse Stuart Humeroff suggested quantum theory of consciousness. He’s been developing that theory during 20 years. The здесь is focused on the progress of the theory.

Oct ‘16
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