Interview with Scott Soames
Jun ‘10

The Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies arranged an interview with Scott Soames on May 27, 2010. The interview was conducted by Vadim Vasilyev and Dmitry Volkov.

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Free Will is Impossible. Interview with Derk

Derk Pereboom claims that free will is impossible because of its incompatibility with both determinism and indeterminism. Also he defends a robust nonreductive physicalism. It says that although consciousness can’t be reduced to physical it’s not something over and above physical.

Feb ‘16
Consciousness encourages us to believe that we are unique

Consciousness is an illusion. It’s a position of psychologist Nicholas Humphrey. But we understand each other, create masterpieces of art and complex scientific theories in virtue of that illusion.

Jan ‘16
New and popular
The Problems of Consciousness and Free Will

“The Problems of Consciousness and Free Will” is a special issue of magazine “Moscow University Bulletin”. It is devoted to the results of the two events arranged by our Center – the Greenland conference and the summer school “Free will and Moral Responsibility”.

May ‘16
Dmitry Volkov: “Philosophy makes the world cozier”

Interview with co-director of MCCS Dmitry Volkov to GQ magazine about philosophy, business and the arts.

Apr ‘16
Consciousness supervene on the brain. What does it mean?

Now it’s widely accepted that consciousness supervene on the brain. But what does it meant? Read our material below.

Apr ‘16
Free will. New twists of old discussions

April 21st Vadim Vasiliev and Dmitry Volkov took part in the discussion “Free will. New twists of old discussions.” We suggest you to watch a video of that astonishing discussion.

Apr ‘16
David Chalmers is 50 today!

The inventor of the Hard problem of Consciousness David Chalmers is celebrating his 50 birthday!

Apr ‘16
Where am I? Report about the Conference on the Problem of Personal Identity

The problem of personal identity is a classic philosophical puzzle. Our body, our character, our memory are changing during the whole life. But why I’m the same person despite all of these changes?

Apr ‘16
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