Interview with Scott Soames
Jun ‘10

The Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies arranged an interview with Scott Soames on May 27, 2010. The interview was conducted by Vadim Vasilyev and Dmitry Volkov.

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More on this topic
Consciousness and the Universe. Interview with David Chalmers

In this interview, Chalmers answer our tricky questions about how he came to philosophy, what is his current views on the nature of consciousness, whether zombies can be morally responsible, how the Universe is arranged, what would it mean – the creation of artificial intelligence, and what is the purpose of philosophy.

Jun ‘16
Free Will is Impossible. Interview with Derk

Derk Pereboom claims that free will is impossible because of its incompatibility with both determinism and indeterminism. Also he defends a robust nonreductive physicalism. It says that although consciousness can’t be reduced to physical it’s not something over and above physical.

Feb ‘16
New and popular
Sweet Dreams. Philosophical Obstacles to a Science of Consciousness

In our series of books “Philosophy of Mind” has been released a Russian translation of a book “Sweet dreams” written by Daniel Dennett.

Jan ‘17
Discussion on the free will problem

The video of a meeting organized on the occasion of the release of a new book by Vadim Vasilyev, “In Defense for Classical Compatibilism: Essays on Free Will”, and the 114-th issue of “Logos” magazine, dedicated to the free will problem.

Dec ‘16
Moscow addresses of Wittgenstein , or where can analytic philosophers gather?

Read V.Vasiliev fascinating investigation of the mysteries of stay in Moscow one of the great philosophers of the 20th century Wittgenstein

Dec ‘16
In Defense for Classic Compatibilism. Essay on Free Will

In our series “Philosophy of Mind” has appeared a new book! It’s devoted to the problem of free will. Its author, Ph.D. Vadim Vasiliev, argue that determinism or predestination of events is not a threat to free will.

Dec ‘16
‘The Science of Consciousness’ June 6-9, 2017 Disneyland Shanghai Resort, Shanghai, China

‘The Science of Consciousness’ (‘TSC’) is the world’s largest and longest-running interdisciplinary conference on all aspects of the nature of conscious awareness, feelings and existence.

Nov ‘16
A Priori Knowledge. The 11th issue of “Finikovy compote”

Is there any a priori knowledge? What’s in the end of the trilogy on nonexisting objects? Is math an empirical science? Read about it in the new issue of “Finikovy compote”

Nov ‘16
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