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The Metaphysics of Uploading. Eric Olson

This Lecture Eric Olson gave at the Moscow State University on May 15, 2019, as a guest of our Center.
"Transhumanists want to free us from the constraints imposed by our humanity by extracting information from the brain, transferring it to a computer, and using it to create a purely electronic person there.  That is supposed to move us from our human bodies to computers.  This presupposes that a human being could literally move to a computer by a mere transfer of information.  The talk is about whether this is metaphysically possible."

Май 2019
Is Quantum Physics Necessary for Account for Consciousness?

Watch the video of lecture on quantum origins of consciousness of Stuart Humeroff! It’s a fascinating lecture about 20 years of work together with sir Roger Penrose.

Окт' 2016
“The Hard Problem of Consciousness: 300 yean”. The Lecture of David Chalmers in Moscow

In this lecture David Chalmers considers a progress in solving the mind-body problem, outlines contemporary theories of consciousness and their advantages and disadvantages. He claims that the core problem of these theories is the Hard problem of consciousness – why the processes in the brain are accompanied by conscious experience? Maybe if we take consciousness as something fundamental, we can solve that problem. And Chalmers lays out several prospects how to do it.

Июль 2016
“The Hard Problem of Consciousness: 300 years on”. Lecture of David Chalmers in Moscow

“The Hard Problem of Consciousness: 300 years on” is a lecture that will be held at the MSU June 14 by David Chalmers, one of the most prominent and distinguished contemporary philosophers. Details in the news.

Май 2016
Optimistic Scepticism about Free Will. A lecture of Derk Pereboom in Moscow

On January 14th, Derk Pereboom will deliver a lecture on “Optimistic Scepticism about Free Will”. Derk Pereboom Professor, Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell University, author of “Living without Free Will”.

Янв' 2016
The Invention of Consciousness. A lecture of Nicholas Humphrey in Moscow

On November 24th, Nicholas Humphrey will deliver a lecture on “The Invention of Consciousness”. Humphrey is the author of an original solution to the consciousness problem and a discoverer of the blindsight phenomenon, professor at the London School of Economics

Ноя' 2015
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